WHOIS managing that domain?

WHOIS Access Policy
The information displayed by Rightside Registry’s Whois service consists of the domain name and other relevant registrant contact information associated with the domain name as required by ICANN. It also identifies the nameserver delegation and the registrar of record. This service is available to any Internet user and its use does not require authorization or permission.
The data in the Whois record is provided for informational purposes only and Rightside Registry does not represent or warrant that the information is accurate. This service is intended only for query-based access.
Rightside Registry reserves the right to modify use terms at any time and by submitting a Whois query to Rightside Registry’s shared registration system (SRS), users agree to abide by this Whois Access Policy.
Rightside Registry will block user access to the Whois service when users are found in violation of this policy. At Rightside Registry’s discretion, individual internet protocol (IP) addresses or IP ranges will be prevented from accessing Whois data. Queries are limited and all unauthorized queries will result in responses that do not include data sets representing significant portions of the registration database.
Law Enforcement Access